This is the home of Precision Diving.  The foundations of which have been tested and worked through for more than 20 years.  Nothing happens in a vacuum and we all stand on the shoulders of giants.  I am not pretending to have invented most of these concepts or ideas individually.  What I am bringing to the plate is a common language and scaffolding to begin to share and build the foundations of how diving is approached in a way we can all talk about and share with a common understanding of what exactly we are talking about.  Also, I am adding a deeper layer to the discussion to help approach diving in a way that speeds the path to true competence and confidence.

Precision Diving is a new way of looking at the bigger picture of diving and also the small pieces in between.  This is not an attempt at becoming a training agency, nor will it.  Precision Diving is a paradigm shift in how diving is looked at and actually done.  These ideas are compatible with any agency standards and are able to be practiced at any level of training from the most experienced expert to Open Water student (beginning).

This will be the home of its discussion and healthy debate.  I only ask that we keep flaming away and act respectfully.

Grant W. Graves

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